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Many years ago throughout the outport communities of the Atlantic Provinces, men would gather on the wharfs at the end of each workday to split their catch of fish and converse with each other. When not discussing the subject of fish these men would often find entertainment and their spirits lifted by poking fun at events and people such as merchants, politicians, the government and so on. In essence this is where the spirit of The Codfish was born.

Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada originally lead the way in satire on both radio and television with programs such as The Great Eastern and CodCo. However, time and cancellations has left us with only a few programs to satisfy our thirst for comedy critical of news and recent events.

With the internet now overtaking all other mediums as Atlantic Canada’s choice for a primary source of news, it was time for a source of quality bullshit to rise with it.

The Codfish has picked up the torch and carried it into the information age. From the mind of one crack-pot Bayman straight to your internet browser, this is The Codfish.

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