Any reference to an actual person, place or event in content produced and/or displayed on thecodfish.com is doneĀ underĀ an artistic licence as a parody work or piece of satire.

Politicians or persons in the media may be directly referenced from time to time. However, most interviewed guests, correspondants, spokespersons and subject matter experts are entirely a work of fiction and are meant as a reflection of those in that area or position and are not intended to represent any actual person alive or dead.

If you find any reference offensive or deeply troubling, then this piece of satire may have been indeed a correct representation of the real world, and maybe you should reconsider your opinion and/or outlook.

If you still find the piece troubling it is possibly that you simply do not understand satire and you should get out more and possibly watch more comedy on television. Avoid raising the issue of your taking offence in public as this may serve only to make you look like a loon in public, as someone who can’t take a joke and result in the joke being on you.

If all else fails you may write the Editor, editor@thecodfish.com and we will consider your suggestion.

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