Extremist groups threaten retaliation over painting of prophet

Muslim extremist groups around the world are threatening action today after archaeologists discovered a series of cave paintings that extremist groups believe to be pictures of the Prophet Mohammed.

The painting in question, which is extremely weathered can only be descried to most Westerners as a stick figure. The Codfish will not publish an image of the painting due to fears of being targeted by these groups. A series of painting located nearby which resemble a herd of buffalo has been declared by Islamic scholars to be unrelated.

Despite no evidence relating the painting to the prophet, extremist spokesperson and recent Islam convert Dave “Mohammed Bomber” Smith asks “Who ELSE would the painting be of? The rest of the world has shown already that they have nothing else better to do but insult and wage war against Islam!”

The Codfish could not contact a representative of the race of pre-homosapiens responsible for the drawing, ¬†however Mohammed Bomber issues them a warning stating “You Neanderthals will get whats coming to you!”.


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