Cleveland hotels vandalized during Republican National Convention

Cleveland Convention Center

The Cleveland Hospitality Association is claiming that something is amiss after a recent string of vandalism to its members. Several hotels in the Cleveland area have all reported that the majority of their bed linens, including sheets and pillow cases, have either been damaged or stolen from the room completely.  In the former case, the damages were oddly similar and consistent. Pillow cases were found with two small holes cut about 2-inches apart on either side, and two large holes were cut into some of the flat bed sheets. In some cases the ropes and sashes from the curtains were missing or found strewn about.

Hotel staff didn’t notice anything particularly unusual during the period, however they were overwhelmed by the large influx of guests attending the RNC. Lobby staff and auditors believe there may have also been a Sci-Fi/Fantasy or role-playing convention in town as well, due to a large number of guests insisting staff address them as ‘Grand Wizard’, ‘Grand Master’ or something-‘dragon’ rather than mister.


This is just one of several strange reports coming from Cleveland during the 3rd week of July. Local park authorities have reported a large increase in large, illegal bonfires and public gatherings in nearby parks and camp-sites this month. Parents throughout the city have also been reporting to police and social-media that their children have been terrified; making claims of ghost sightings moving through the streets and parks at night.


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