Newfoundlander’s miss Republic of Doyle

“There’s an overall feeling of depression and disappointment with television now that Republic of Doyle has gone off the air” says one of the Province’s most highly-regarded entertainment critics.

A recent survey of television viewing shows that a growing percentage of Newfoundlanders are becoming disinterested with most television content.

“Now what do we have to look forward to?” says one respondant we interviewed in Downtown St. John’s.

The show, which has often been refered to as ‘Magnum P.I in St. John’s’, was a hit on the Island as it catered to both the demographic that was still stuck twenty years behind in media consumption, as well as those who craved locally produced content.

When asked about other programs currently airing our respondant voiced the opinion “That’s all American and Mainlander bullshit; I couldn’ give two merciful shits about all-a dat.”

The majority of the displeasure appears to be concentrated on the Avalon Penninsula and the St. John’s region where it appears that approximately one-quarter of the population has received $100 at some point in time for appearing as an extra on the show. The other three quarters it seems has a friend or relation that has had an appearance on the show, or “knows buddy or missus dat was in it”.

When surveying persons from the other side of the overpass about the show, the response was not as strong. “Oh you mean that townie show?” asked one respondant. “I couldn’t get into dat.”

Fans of the program say they are hopeful that re-runs will air shortly, or maybe see the release of a made for TV movie. However, given CBC’s record of treating its popular Newfoundland programs such as ‘CodCo’ or ‘Hatching, Matching and Dispatching’, the crown corporation will most likely ignore any chance at a profitable opportunity to release or licence the program and keep it locked in its media vault for eternity.


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