Breaking News: Tough guy can’t take a joke

In a move that reaffirms stereotypes accross the world, local ‘Jacked’ guy and gym owner Rob King has again proven that big guys can’t take a joke.

The owner of Heavyweights gym is now going to the Supreme Court of Newfoundland, in what he claims is a case of defamation. King is requesting that the court reveal the identity of the person who created parody accounts on Twitter and Facebook for both him and his business, claiming that their intent was malicious and meant to negatively affect his business.

The court is currently under deliberation, wondering if they can in fact trust Mr. King’s promise where he stated “I won’t beat him up, I swear!”.

King has now entered Guiness Book of World Records territory for confirming the most stereotypes in one lifetime. His research on whether people who took massive amounts of steroids are more aggressive was confirmed this year in a self fulfilling prophecy; King was forced to make a second court appearance following his charge of importing illegal steroids, this time for threatening a former employee after their testimony.

“We’re going to fight whether you want to fight or not,” King threatened a former employee, shortly after that employee had published his testimony on Facebook. “You’re lucky you’re not dead tonight.”

The employee said King was poking him in the chest and was trying to intimidate him.

Mr. King also has an on-going lawsuit versus news industries around the world for publishing articles about New Years fitness resolutions that only result in gym memberships that go unused.

The Codfish would like to congratulate Mr. King on approaching his stereotype record and would also like to inform him that we have nothing to do with the parody accounts and that this too is a simple joke. Please don’t hurt us.


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