Breaking News: College guys make stupid comments

The entire Country was shaken earlier last month when the press released information pertaining to a discussion between several male college students in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The students, all males in their early twenties were members of Dalhousie University’s Dentistry program had made comments of a sexual nature about several of their female classmates. The discussion took place in a private group on the popular social media site Facebook.

“I can’t believe this would happen. It’s unprecedented!” said a commentator on CBC’s website. “College boys have always been the most politically correct and civil members of society. I didn’t even know they thought about sex at that age.”

“This is proof of the Patriarchy!” announced a professor of Women’s Studies at the University. She was present among a growing crowd of feminists and supporters protesting outside the University, demanding the expulsion of these obviously violent future-criminals. “Early-twenties males sexually interested in women their age? That’s not normal! That’s misogyny! That’s rape culture!”

The Codfish, when trying to decide whether or not to run this story, surveyed other local news outlets on why they thought that this was suddenly a front page, headline worthy story. A spokesperson for the CBC replied “Well not only is misogyny the in-topic right now but it also happened on Facebook! That automatically makes it serious news right? Commenting, tweeting, getting lots of likes! Wahoo!”



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