PEI Department of Tourism issues press release

The Depart of Tourism for the Province of Prince Edward Island issued a statement this morning in an attempt to remind tourists that it is in fact still in existence (during the winter months specifically).

In the press release, the Province advises that despite the snow, lack of greenery and foliage, and lack of country music festivals that it is still on the map and in fact still open for business.

We caught up with the minister for tourism on the island side of the Confederation Bridge this morning holding a ‘Welcome’ sign. Upon our request for an interview the minister was frustrated by his incorrect assumption that we may have been approaching tourists. After promising to buy an $8 coffee at one of the ‘local’ coffee shops intended to gouge visitors by being ‘quaint’, the minister agreed to speak on the release.

“Well apart from your visit it has been both an exciting and disappointing morning since the release” said the minister. “We had a car cross the bridge this morning that we thought may have been a visitor, but that was just Bobby getting off his shift from work over on the mainland”.

“We also had a couple come across on the ferry that actually were tourists, however they were just lost and had intended on going to Newfoundland”.

The minister stated that the Province will keep promoting its tourism industry in the off-months. For now the Anne of Green Gables house and wooden head-cut out photo booths remain vacant.


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