Bell Aliant taps into innovative new revenue stream

Bell Aliant shares rose 5 points today after analysts calculated expected revenues based on their new customer service charge. The new charge is based on a model that requires the company to provide no alternative product or choice of service to consumers, and then charge them for making (or in this case, not making) that choice.

In this case, residents of Nova Scotia who wish to purchase high-speed internet service are no longer given the option to have a contract,  and are then subjected to an extra $10 per month ‘No-contract Fee’ on their bill.

“It’s ingenious!” says one Nova Scotia Economist. “They are making revenue off a fee for NOT providing a service. They give customers no option or choice and charge them extra for making that one, single selection they had no choice but to make.”

The fee was originally labelled ‘Unethical Price Gouge’ but the company’s marketing department said it didn’t fair as well in focus groups.

Bell Aliant, is one among dozens of major television providers who are being affected by people ‘cutting the cord’ on cable/television services and chosing alternative services such as Over-The-Air television, or internet streaming services such as Netflix.

“People used to use our phone services, television and Internet.” says a teary-eyed spokesperson for the company. “Now they use cell-phones with whoever they want (although we have the majority of the market share in the region), and then use our internet service (As we are one out of two options) to watch television shows offered by someone else for cheaper. It’s not fair! Not fair!”

After some minor stomping, sniffling and a cookie the spokesperson resumed the interview and calmly stated “So to get those bastards we throttled our internet speeds, up’ed the cost of our internet services and added unethical fee’s until the cost of ‘just internet’ would be almost on par with a bundled service. This gives customers the option to pay for extra for services they don’t want just like in the good old days of TV Channel Bundles. That’s is always an easier sell than paying outrageous fees for just the service they need.”


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