How to: Warm-up your vehicle faster during the winter

Snow on a windshield

It’s never harder to drag your ass out of bed and begin the long commute to work than it is during the winter months. Not only are you dreading another 8 hour, montanonous day from the time you wake up, but now you have to venture out into the cold, clean off a vehicle and sit in a cold car for ages while in bumper to bumper traffic.

Well what if you could optimize this process to improve your morning?

For thousands of years, humans in northern regions have embraced snow for its properies as a great insulator. Northern Aboriginals, trappers and many more have even went as far to build some of their primary shelters from snow!  The air trapped inside the crystalized water particles acts as an insulating layer to help keep heat locked in.

So how does this help you? Every morning when you wake up and dust the snow off your car, your removing natures generous gift of insulation! Leave the snow on your car to allow the air trapped inside to warm up much more rapidly. Forget that extra visability, the safety of other drivers (they are of course the shitty drivers, it couldn’t possibly be you) and pedestrians (who lets face it, should be bowing down to your superiority as the owner of $20,000 of modern engineering).

Not only does it help keep your buns toasty warm during your commute but it also saves precious seconds off the time it takes to get moving in the morning. Now you can use this seconds doing things you enjoy such as ignoring your spouse while playing games, or interacting with other conceded people via the internet on your 7 inch phone. Hell, why not do it in your snow insulated automobile? Theres no chance the police can see you using it now!

The advantages are endless!


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