Trudeau congratulates O’Regan on alcohol-free lifestyle, celebrates by sharing a doobie

Parliment Doob

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is voicing his support to Liberal MP Seamus O’Regan after the newly elected MP said he had entered a program to adopt “an alcohol-free lifestyle.”

O’Regan announced from his Twitter account that he had checked into the program over the holiday break. To seize the opportunity to appear open, transparent, and progressive and to avoid any media backlash or blunders, the Prime Minister made the journey to meet O’Regan. Trudeau quickly ran his hand through his hair, threw-on the latest Banana Republic winter line, and redirected a jet full of refugees to head to the island province.

After the press conference the Prime Minister commented on the importance of impartiality and responsibility to constituents while happily passing around a few joints hand-rolled by the liberal youth club.  Media on the scene reported on Sophie Trudeau’s gorgeous and stylish oven mitts as she exited the plane to the event carrying a load of fresh baked goods.

While nobody is surprised that a man named Seamus O’Regan has a potential problem with alcohol dependency; opinions at home are skewed. A newly created online petition started by several members of O’Regan’s constituency in Newfoundland is calling for his resignation based on the fact that ‘The boy cannot even hold his liqour’.



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